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Hello everybody
J’espère que vous avez survécu à ces températures de folie!
Cette semaine je vous propose de se retrouver en ligne (au frais!) vendredi à 11am, le lien ici:
Au cas où les parents allaitants se posent des questions avec ces grosses chaleurs!
May be an image of one or more people and text that says "La Leche League @LLLNZ BREASTFEEDING ON DEMAND MEETS YOUR BABY'S HYDRATION NEEDS ON HOT SUMMER DAYS"
Hot day? Your breastmilk will adjust to perfectly meet your baby’s needs. Your exclusively breastfed 0-6m old baby does not need water!
Feed on demand and drink to your own thirst. Baby might want to have shorter and more frequent feeds to quench their thirst, rather than longer more filling feeds.
Tips for coping on hot days
? shaded paddling pool or water play together
?breast milk popsicles, frozen expressed milk in a silicone feeder is a yummy treat for a slightly older baby
??feed on demand – you have enough!
?? keep a layer of cotton, even just a thin muslin wrap between you and your baby while feeding so you don’t get too sweaty and stuck together
?keep some water for yourself in the fridge and keep sipping all day
? cold face cloth for baby to play with
☀️ stay sun safe
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Keep cool and hydrated ??